Free Monthly Webinar Series

TSP Retirement Income Strategies

Date:  Thursday, December 12,  2019 at 2:00 PM ET

Featured Presenter:  Brian Kurrus, CFP®

About the Webinar:

Join Brian Kurrus, Certified Financial Planner®, on behalf of National Institute of Transition Planning as he provides valuable information regarding your TSP including:

  • Which accounts should you access first?  Reviewing tax and other considerations for accessing savings, non-retirement accounts, traditional TSP/IRAs and Roth TSP/IRAs
  • Determining a safe withdrawal rate considering your expenses, lifestyle, inflation, the 4% rule, and gap between income and expenses
  • When to change your asset allocation
  • Taking required minimum distributions
  • Creating guaranteed income in retirement
  • Should you move your TSP to an IRA?

Webinars are complimentary to view, but require registration.  NITP will not share your information with any third party.  Our mission is to educate Federal employees and enable them to make fully informed and sound decisions regarding the financial futures and retirement options.