Early-Career Employees (1-5 years into your career)
Mid-Career Employees (5-20 years into your career)
Pre-Retirement Employees (0-10 years from retirement eligibility)

Interns Working on a Business ProjectWe offer training seminars for every stage of your Federal career.  Below is a sampling of some of our course outlines:

Checklists for your career

Websites for Retirement Forms & Applications


Sites that provide information that will help active and retired Federal Employees keep abreast of changes in the laws and regulations impacting their Federal Service and Retirement Benefits.

TSP Fund Information

Open Enrollment Seminars - For any Federal government employees within 10 years of their retirement eligibility date who are interested in retirement planning and making informed decisions.  These seminars are open to any Federal Employee; they are not agency-sponsored.   Please be sure to sign up for your benefit system - CSRS or FERS.