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Estate Planning for Single Parents

Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST
Featured Presenter: Marc Levine, Esquire


The single parent “population” is growing in America, with the U.S. Census Bureau showing about 12 million single parent families*. What are some of the most common estate planning issues facing single parents? How can your wishes for your children be guaranteed after death?

Steps that a single parent must take to plan for his/her children:

  • Planning for disability
    • Choosing legal and financial caretakers for yourself
    • Needed documents such as power of attorney, health care advance directive and temporary guardianship
  • Planning for death
    • Needed documents such as Last Will and Testament, revocable living trust and beneficiary designation forms
    • Guardians and trustees for children
    • Making a plan for where the money goes (or does not go)
    • Planning for how assets and children will be impacted by loss of a parent
*U.S. Census, 2015.


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