Survivor Benefits - Know the facts; don’t get scammed!

NITP’s monthly Webinar Series
Thursday, May 14, 2015
2-3 PM EDT

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Featured Presenters: Tammy Flanagan, NITP’s Senior Benefits Director, & Karen Schaeffer, CFP

Target Audience: All Federal Employees

  • Have you ever wondered if the CSRS or FERS survivor election is a good deal?
  • Are there good alternatives to the election of spousal survivor benefits under CSRS or FERS?
  • How can you evaluate the financial needs for your spouse if you predecease them?
  • Have you been approached by a financial “advisor” who is offering to sell you a variable annuity or similar insurance product to replace the CSRS or FERS survivor benefit? What should you do?

This webinar will explore these questions and settle the argument of whether insurance is a better deal for your spouse than the CSRS or FERS survivor benefit. The answers may surprise you!


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