FREE NITP Webinar – Common Benefit Issues for Working Couples
Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 2-3 PM EST

Featured Presenters: Tammy Flanagan, NITP’s Senior Benefits Director, and Bob Leins, CPA

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Are you and your spouse both federal employees? OR Are you a Fed and a non-Fed couple?

Let's discuss some considerations for Benefits and Tax implications during your career as well as retirement for each situation.

Health Insurance

  • Two self only plans?
  • The five-year test
  • Age 65 and Medicare

Survivor elections

  • Should you provide each other survivor benefits?
  • Is Life Insurance a viable option?

Thrift Savings Plan

  • Can TSP accounts be consolidated if you are both Federal Employees?
  • What happens when one spouse predeceases the other?
  • Should we both contribute the maximum to our respective Traditional TSP/401(k)?
  • Should there be investments outside of the TSP?

Social Security

  • Both spouses FERS (Social Security coverage)
  • One spouse has Social Security coverage and one spouse is exempt from Social Security

Tax Planning

  • Income Tax and Its Impact on Retirement Cash Flow planning
  • TSP/401(k) Options at Retirement or Separation


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