Income Taxation – Understand It and Use It to Your Benefit!

NITP’s Monthly Webinar Series
Thursday June 11, 2015
2-3 PM EDT

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Featured Presenters:  Bob Leins, CPA & Nick Martinez, CFP

• Starting point - What is a Tax Bracket and what Bracket are you in?

• What is the difference between a Tax bracket and an Effective tax bracket

• How do you use this information to benefit your financial planning
  • At an early career point
• Mid career stage
• Pre and post retirement

In this presentation we will discuss:
  • Roth IRAs and Roth TSP vs Traditional IRAs and TSP
• Capital Gain tax rate
• If something is tax deductible is it a sound idea?
• Sensitivity of your annuity, TSP, IRA and Social Security income to your after tax cash flow


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