Free Monthly Webinar Series

Wrapping Up 2017:  Year-End Financial and Tax Planning

Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 2:00 PM ET

Featured Presenters:  Bob Leins, CPA and Karen Schaeffer, CFP®


Year-end and 2018 tax planning is unique this year. There are provisions in the “Trump” plan that will eliminate certain tax deductions Jan 1, 2018.  Join Karen and Bob, experts in finance and tax planning, for a discussion that will include:

  • What deductions will be gone at the end of this year
  • What the proposed tax law changes mean
  •  Making the most of potential tax savings
    • How to choose between building assets and paying down debt
    • Maximizing TSP and IRA options
  • What to do if your tax bill goes up
  • Financial planning strategies for uncertain times