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ForYourBenefit is NITP’s weekly radio show which features information and discussion on topics of interest to the Federal employee, including Federal Benefits, financial and retirement planning, and other issues.

Guests and topics change weekly –In 2014, our guests will help you plan and navigate through retirement issues and concerns.

Retirement - An Opportunity to Re-invent Ourselves

This week on the For Your Benefit radio show, our host, Bob Leins, welcomes Mike Townshend, Career Transition Coach, as he discusses facing your retirement!  With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many Federal Employees are making plans to retire from Federal Service.  For those who are not planning to go immediately into another job, there will be some considerations for what to do in this phase of life.

  • What kinds of Activities are people choosing to pursue when they retire?
  • What do our pre-retirement hobbies tell us about what kinds of things we might pursue during retirement?
  • What are behavior styles and what do they tell us about the choices we ought to make in retirement?  How do I find out my style?
  • Why should people think this through before the retirement date?  Why not just wait until we're retired and see what happens?
  • What is the most useful thing that people need to assure for themselves when retiring, besides a sufficient income? 

If you have questions about your transition into retirement, email them in advance to or call in, once the phone lines are open to 202-465-3080.


Planning for Several Reasons

Join our host,  Bob Leins,  as he welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist, to the studio. This show’s discussion will focus on year end planning and 2015 opportunities for income tax as well as benefit planning. Click here to download the handouts that go with today’s show. 

This will include discussions of:

  • Implications of frontloading your TSP in light of a mid-year retirement date
  • Understanding what your personal tax bracket is.
  • Opportunities to transfer funds to and from the TSP
  • The “mirroring” impact to you of withdrawing/transferring funds from the TSP when you have both a Traditional TSP and a Roth TSP.
  • What does the RMD rule mean to you in dollar amounts
  • Issues to be aware of in 2015 relative to your future benefits

Please be sure to go to our website to print slides and handouts we will use during today’s show.  (Please put a link here to download the handouts)

If you have question about your Federal Benefits or tax issues, please email them in advance to, or call in once the phone lines are open to 202-465-3080.

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