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ForYourBenefit is NITP’s weekly radio show which features information and discussion on topics of interest to the Federal employee, including Federal Benefits, financial and retirement planning, and other issues.

Guests and topics change weekly –In 2014, our guests will help you plan and navigate through retirement issues and concerns.

April 21
Financial Literacy and Estate Planning - Important together!

Join Karen Schaeffer, CFP, and Megan Schaeffer, Esq. and our host, Bob Leins, as they take on another important topic in our series for Financial Literacy Month.

A cornerstone of financial literacy is a sound, well-considered financial plan; and an important part of that is a solid well-considered estate plan. While many link estate planning to an older group, it is never too soon to get started to understand and implement estate planning.  

Join us for a discussion on estate planning documents and strategies that everyone, regardless of age, needs to consider.  Learn what adult children need to know about their parents' arrangements and when young adults need to have documents of their own.

Our discussion will help extinguish the comment from many of  “I wished I was aware of estate planning concerns a lot earlier in life”.

Email questions beforehand to or call in to 202-465-3080.

April 14
Building Blocks for Financial Literacy

Join us Monday morning for another show celebrating Financial Literacy month. Our host, Bob Leins welcomes Ray Kirk, a Federal Benefits Specialist, to the show to discuss how to best use the building blocks provided by the Federal Government to achieve your financial goals

  1. A review and discussion of financial literacy and the building blocks that OPM recommends.
  2. What role do Federal benefits play as well as understanding how the benefits interact in achieving financial security?
  3. What is the Federal Financial Literacy Strategy as promoted by OPM? And how does this relate to you, the Federal staff member?
  4. What three key elements help achieve and maintain financial security?

Our weekly radio show has information for Federal Workers at all career stages.  New hires need to understand their opportunities for financial awareness early on in their career. Mid-Career staff must be ever vigilant when questioning their financial future and make adjustments if feasible. Pre-Retirement staff need to know that what they have earned and accumulated will last their lifetime and if not what adjustments need to be taken.

Listen in for thought providing discussion, email your questions to or call in, when the phone lines are open to 202-465-3080.

April 7
How to Start the Process for Determining Your Financial Ability to Retire

Join us Monday, April 7, for our first show during Financial Literacy Month. All month long we will explore topics related to your finances and your financial awareness to make decisions about them.

On April 7 Joe Sullender, CFP, Senior Vice President / Investments, Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, joins our hosts, Tammy Flanagan and Bob Leins, in the studio to discuss some of the basics that need to be considered to begin the process of making decisions regarding financial awareness relative to retirement.

  1. Determine what amount of cash flow you feel is reasonable in retirement. This is not easy to do but we will start with basics and build from there.
  2. Project what you, as a federal employee will be receiving relative to retirement income. This discussion will include your base annuity, TSP distribution options and social security. If you will have a survivor to be cared for in retirement how can that cash flow be initially projected.
  3. If there is a shortfall in your retirement funding analysis how will the shortfall be adjusted.
  4. How best to manage money pre-retirement regardless of the stage of your career.

We look forward to taking your questions and or requests prior to the show by emailing us at, or call in, once the phone lines are open, to 202-465-3080

March 31
How can Social Security add to your Retirement Cash Flow?

On this week's For Your Benefit, joins our hosts, Bob Leins and John Elliot, as they welcome Lester Austin, public affairs specialist for the Social Security Administration, to talk about Social Security and retirement. Be ready with your questions about all facets of Social Security:

• How do I qualify for benefits?
• What is the difference between a quarter and a credit?
• What can be done to see an individual’s history of credits earned?
• I understand that the President’s 2015 proposed budget would adjust the ability for some to “file and suspend” Social Security   benefits. Is this true?
• How do I calculate my retirement benefit?
• When should I apply for Social Security?
• What's the Windfall Elimination Provision
• What happens if I choose to continue working and not claim Social Security when I'm first eligible?

Email your questions to or call in when the lines are open to 202-465-3080.


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