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ForYourBenefit is NITP’s weekly radio show which features information and discussion on topics of interest to the Federal employee, including Federal Benefits, financial and retirement planning, and other issues.

Guests and topics change weekly –In 2014, our guests will help you plan and navigate through retirement issues and concerns.

August 25

Join our host, Bob Leins, as he welcomes Thomas Lee, CFP, and Daniel Sipe, Financial Planner and Branch Manager of Lee, Sipe, and Associates, in Rockville, MD. In the late 80’s Dan founded Serving Those Who Serve, advising and working with members of the Federal Senior Executive Service in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Tom’s areas of interest include financial planning, wealth accumulation, estate analysis and conservation, retirement planning, and charitable planning.

Today, Tom, Dan and Bob will talk about Financial Planning and what you need to consider when you’re looking at retirement and will your financial decisions hold up throughout retirement. Will there be an estate to leave to your heirs?

  • What is a common first impression of an individual’s financial position relative to retirement that needs to be addressed?
  • What , as a generalization, would you say an individual needs to address financially beginning mid-career?
  • What reactions both positive and negative do clients have when their short comings are discussed?
  • This past Sunday there was an article in the Washington Post about concerns for transferring TSP funds to a Traditional IRA.
  • What would you say are reasons to transfer funds from the TSP to a Traditional IRA?
  • You have mentioned that “Strategy” be included as the fourth leg of the three legged stool of retirement.
  • What Strategy should our listeners consider?

If you have questions for Dan, Tom, and Bob, email them in advance to or call into the show, once the phone lines are open, 202-465-3080.

August 18

Planning retirement now has another option with clearer guidance as announced August 8, 2014 by OPM.  Is phased retirement something you should consider and how will you be affected financially?

Join us Monday morning as our host, Bob Leins, welcomes Ray Kirk, a Federal Benefits expert, to provide his insight on OPM’s recently released Phased Retirement Guidelines.  Our discussion will address the known aspects of the program and its financial aspects to consider.  Our agenda includes:

  • Exactly what is Phased Retirement?
  • Who’s eligible?
  • How does it work?
  • When can Phased Retirement start?
  • What happens to your Federal annuity if you become a phased retiree?
  • What happens to your pay and benefits?
  • After a phased retirement is completed, how will your annuity be impacted when you fully retire?
  • How could it impact your TSP, Social Security and income tax?

Listen in for thought provoking discussion, email your questions to or call in, once the phone lines are open, (202) 465-3080.

August 11
Financial Planning Tips and Strategies for New Feds!

Join our host, Bob Leins, as he welcomes Nick Martinez, CFP, to the studio, to discuss Financial Planning for New Federal Workers.  If you have been a Federal Employee for 5 years or less this is the show for you.  Nick and Bob will discuss the best way to handle your finances, to establish goals and setup the framework for good financial decision-making during your career.  They will discuss some of the decisions and considerations that go into buying a home, saving for college, paying down debt, AND saving for retirement.

Topics will include:
·         Establishing Financial Goals
o   How to set goals that you can attain and when to “raise the bar.”.
·         Managing debt
o   Good debt versus bad debt
o   Loans
·         Roth versus Traditional TSP
·         TSP Overview
o   How to handle TSP funds.
o   Should I contribute more to the TSP?

If you would like some help formulating a plan to save for the future, if you want suggestions to improve your current plan, if you have questions about what is right for you, or the best method to make your money work for you –listen to this show!  Email your questions in advance to or call in, once the phone lines are open – 202-465-3080

August 4, 2014
Taxes, Estate Planning, and the IRS- What’s the best strategy?

Join our host, Bob Leins, as he welcomes David DeJong, Esq, and Steve Widdes, Esq, partners at Stein Sperling, Attorneys at Law, in Rockville to the show.  David DeJong is the Chair of the firm’s Tax Practice group, and a CPA with a Master of Laws in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.  He helps businesses and individuals with a broad range of tax planning and controversy matters, estate planning, business transactions and valuations.  Steve Widdes is Co-Chair of the firm’s Estates and Trusts practice group and works with clients in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust administration, and tax and business succession planning.  Previously an attorney with the Internal Revenue Service’s Estate and Gift Tax Branch, Rulings and Projects Sections and with a Master of Laws in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, Steve brings considerable knowledge and experience of the tax issues affecting clients’ estates and trusts.

This show will focus on Estate Planning, the documents you need to prepare,  the things you need to consider about how you set up trusts, accounts, brokerage accounts, and how you handle your accounts.

  • Will or Revocable Trust—Which is the Better Instrument for disposing of Your Estate?
  • Should you hold assets jointly with your spouse and/ or children?
  • Should bank and brokerage accounts be set up as Payable/ transferable on death to heirs (POD/ TOD)?
  • Who should be your primary and secondary retirement plan beneficiary?
  • How do you best protect assets against creditors and predators?

If you are considering how to best pass your assets on to future generations, how to preserve your parents’ assets, or how to lower your tax burden, have your questions ready for our experts!  Email your questions in advance to or call in, once the phone lines are open, to  202-465-3080.

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